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Sabbat Pack Photo by Alterwriter
Mature content
Sabbat Pack Photo :iconalterwriter:Alterwriter 0 0
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Mature content
Considered by a Gentleman :iconalterwriter:Alterwriter 0 0
Modern White Knight
i have never wept
So soft and true
As that quiet night
When You lit a candle
And doused the light
Florescent and mean
Just so that the ache
Like a railroad spike
Driven into my skull
Would ease a little
Never with such care
Concern and compassion
Had i been watched over
Wrapped safely in Your arms
Wrapped in velvety dark
Your cool hands pressed
So gently to the points
Of staggering pain
i have never wept
With such appreciation
For no one had stayed
Just stayed through the pain
Always before i was left
Alone to sleep, to cry in agony
As lightning tore though
my mind again and again
Never before had someone
Valued my strength
And then held me close
Through such weakness
:iconalterwriter:Alterwriter 0 0
A new life dawns
i awake to a new day
i move forward with conviction
Having a voice and a say
Safe in the moment
Even as i'm leaping
Spreading once broken wings
Smiling and weeping
Weeping with relief
Confessions of the heart
Safety of this sanctuary
Not being torn apart
Not being judged or used
As a tool for cruel hands
But gathered up by the wings
Of an angel who understands
Here in this sanctuary
i've truly begun to mend
Held fast against the storms
Sheltered by a dear friend
One who has granted me
The courage to live
To discover who i truly am
Never forget, but please forgive
Thank you, i say to thee
For not letting me give in
For breathing life into me
And waking me up again
:iconalterwriter:Alterwriter 0 0
Mature content
Slaveheart and Sorrow :iconalterwriter:Alterwriter 0 3
my Mask
Despite my alterations
The memories are not fake
A bane on my existence
i cannot seem to shake
And the dreams don't fade
Even on the waking stage
And the tears still fall
On a blank and waiting page
i don't just see now
Where the icy mask lies
i feel it seething, seeping
From my very own eyes
i've become the thing
i said i would not be
The mask is mine now
It's become a part of me
The others have taken over
Rynn and Storm took the stage
i am here behind the mask
Barely on a written page
i watch with bated breath
As Kurai is allowed to play
She'll get us into trouble
With trouble that cannot stay
It all plays out so strangely
Since some of us don't speak
Some of us too casually
Just turn the other cheek
i've become the thing
i said i would not be
The mask is mine now
It's become a part of me
The smile rarely falters
Even where it's frayed
And eyes just turn to glass
When the game is played
Whether painted or not
My brothers still see
The truth behind the mask
That has become a part of m
:iconalterwriter:Alterwriter 0 0
Memory Missing
In a crowded room
Surrounded, but all alone
i feel the touch that isn't there
And again i turn to stone
i am listening for a voice
i know i will not hear
Eyes i may never see again
Because of my own fear
So afraid i would lose
The answer to a prayer
Yet knowing all along
I was breathing frozen air
Dead memory alive again
Living in pages i fear to read
Because i cannot write
The missing pages i need
The book is unwritten
Haunting stories never read
The memories unforgotten
Dancing shadows in my head
What happened to the letters?
The understanding, the belief?
What happened to the friend
Whose words granted such relief?
Somehow i drove him away
With my madness and my fear
All that is left upon this page
Is a single solemn tear
For what i miss most
Is not the Dark veil of power
Or the Will that kept me
Sane every waking hour
What i truly miss is
The friend i cannot find
The long walks and talks
And not being left behind
i miss the friend who saw
Beyond what others glean
Who read me like a
:iconalterwriter:Alterwriter 1 0
Breaking the Wheel
What wasn't said
Was always more important
Always compared
I cannot live like that
Trapped in another's box
I'm a completely different cat
The Man in Black
Played his hand, took his turn
Did his best to hide the truth
Now just a picture to burn
Because that same old tale
Was played out again
But instead of my mother
It was my own best friend
Who tried to trap me in
A box that was never mine
Comparing me apparently
Makes them feel so fine
This story is cyclical
And just like before
I was never enough
They wanted something more
Something I could not give
Someone I could never be
Even when they didn't say
I could always see
The truth behind their eyes
Hidden in their hearts
Don't know their train of thought
But I do know where it starts
It didn't ever matter
The feelings I tried to show
Because the truth of it is
They never cared to know
Now I know the cycle
The Wheel I now can see
Returning to the Tower
Has granted me clarity
For my own life and
Into my own heart
And the parts played
:iconalterwriter:Alterwriter 0 0
RynndeMafia? by Alterwriter RynndeMafia? :iconalterwriter:Alterwriter 2 12


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Love's like a dream :iconsasha-fantom:sasha-fantom 214 98



United States
What's there to say? I'm 25, engaged to an absolutely wonderful man, have a wonderfully supportive mom, and have an amazing best friend who is helping me plan my wedding.

Also, between me and my best friend, we have five wonderful furbabies (cats). There will be pictures.

I don't really know what else to say here. Maybe I can add to it later...
Dearest Alistair,

A new life dawns on a new day.  I sit here with the clear understanding that while I learned quite a bit from my past lives, beyond the lessons learned, they are of little importance to me.  I've learned to stop trying to remember and just live, truly live.

Fantasy stops preceding reality when reality becomes the stuff of dreams.

I feel as though I've finally awoken from a long and horrible nightmare, and here you are holding me, reminding me that I'm safe, that everything's going to be okay.

You've renewed my faith in life and my belief in the possibility of miraculous things happening.  You walking into my life seems to have been the first in a long line of miracles.  Words cannot even begin to express the gratitude in my heart for whatever beings have placed us in each other's lives.

Thank you, my Alistair, for giving me the courage to move forward and the freedom by which to do so.  You have shed light on parts of my soul that had been locked away and lost to me.  Thank you for giving me the sanctuary, the safety, in which to find myself.  And thank you for your patience in all of this.  You truly are an angel.

Your kallisti,

Kattiry Seyella Graves
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My parents don't really like that I'm being so weird, but that's just how I actually am. I'm finally getting the courage to express my strangeness, and it feels so good. Good luck!
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